Shoes before taken care of


It's important to take care of the leather to prevent it from drying up. How often this has to be made depends on how often and in what weather the shoes are used. A pair of shoes that are used all year around and exposed to rain probably needs to be treated three or four times a year. Many shoe creams contain color pigment that also helps the leather to regain its luster and to cover marks and scratches.

What's needed when taking care of shoes


You'll need:

  • leather conditioner, for example Saphir Renovateur (optional)
  • shoe cream
  • applicator brush or a piece of cloth
  • shoe brush

Remove the shoe laces, brush the shoes free from sand and dust.

Applying leather conditioner on shoes

2.Apply the leather conditioner (optional)

Use a piece of cloth or an applicator brush to apply a thin layer of leather conditioner. The leather conditioner will moisturise the leather and prolong its life. Let the conditioner set for around ten minutes before continuing to the next step.

Brush the shoes

3.Brush the shoes (optional)

Use a shoe brush and fast brush strokes to buff the surface and brush away residual conditioner.

Apply the shoe cream on the leather shoes

4.Apply the shoe cream

Use an applicator brush or a piece of cloth to apply a thin layer of shoe cream. It's important to apply just a little shoe cream at a time. Let the shoe cream set for about ten minutes before continuing to the next step.

Buff the shoes with a brush to get shine

5.Brush the shoes

Use rapid brush strokes with the shoe brush to buff the surface. The more you brush, the more the shoes are going to shine. If the shoes are in a poor condition, another layer of shoe cream can be applied and buffed.

Shoes well taken care of, shoe cream applied


After two layers of shoe cream and a lot of hard work with the brush, a result as the picture shows can be achieved. To gain more shine, shoe polish needs to be used. Learn how to do it by continuing reading here.