The edges of the soles look bad


The sole edges can start to look a bit sad after some wear, but this can be fixed!

What's neede, shoe polish, leather dye...


You'll need:

  • sandpaper
  • leather dye
  • paintbrush
  • shoe polish
  • piece of cloth

Brush the sole edges free from sand and dust.

Sandpaper the edges


Use the sandpaper to level out the sole edges. Be careful not to scratch the upper leather.

Painting the sole edges

3.Dye the edges

Use the paintbrush to paint the edges with leather dye. Several coats of paint is probably needed. Be careful not to stain the upper leather.

Wait until next step


Let the sole edges dry for an hour or so before moving on.

Apply shoe polish on the edges

5.Shoe polish

Apply shoe polish to the edges. This can be done by stroking a dryer piece of shoe polish against the edge. Use the cloth to buff up some shine, similar to the shining.

All done, shoes look great


The sole edges has gotten a more even colour and some shine. Much better than before!