Suede shoes before shoe care


Taking care of suede is simple. A suede brush in rubber is used to brush the surface to make it look more vivid. A suede brush with brass bristles can be used if the suede has tough stains. A waterproofing spray will make the shoes water repellent and prevent stains. Waterproofing spray for suede can be found with pigment that is great if the shoes has lost some of their luster.

What's needed when taking care of suede shoes, shoe brushes


You'll need:

  • waterproofing spray
  • suede brush with rubber
  • suede brush with brass bristles (optional)

Remove the shoe laces, brush the shoes free from sand and dust.

Use a suede shoe brush with rubber

2.Suede brush with rubber

Brush the entire shoe with the brush to awaken the suede and make it more alive. If the shoe has staining, try to remove it by brushing a little harder on it.

Use a suede shoe brush with brass bristles

3.Suede brush with brass bristles (optional)

If the shoe has stubborn stains, use a brush with brass bristles and lightly try to brush them off. Be careful, the brush can ruin the suede.

Spray waterproofing spray for suede

4.Waterproofing spray

Every spray has its own instructions that is appropriate to follow. It's probably just to spray evenly over the entire shoe and let it dry in.

Waterproof and well taken care of suede shoes


Here is the final result. The shoes has been brushed and sprayed. It's difficult to say how often suede shoes needs to be treated, but one can often notice when the water repellation has vanished.

The shoes really are waterproof!


The shoes will really become water repellent if treated right. Rain will be no match.