Shoes before shine


If you want your shoes to really shine, you've come to the right place. Polishing shoes to achieve a mirror shine is often called spitshine or bullet shine. This is accomplished by thin layers of shoe polish and small drops of water. The water will react with the terpentine in the polish and form a shiny surface. It's important to build up the surface from multiple thin layers of polish, five layers is probably a minimum.

What's needed, shoe polish and such


You'll need:

  • shoe polish
  • piece of cloth
  • water

Remove the shoe laces, brush the shoes free from sand and dust.

Apply just a little shoe polish on the shoes

2.Apply polish

Apply a small amount (see picture) shoe polish onto the shoe. Rub it in using small circular motions in a fast pace.

Apply the shoe polish on shoes


The surface might become a little bit dull at first, but continue polishing for a minute. Then, wait a couple of minutes and let the polish set.

Apply a litle bit of water on the shoes

4.Polish and water

Repeat step 2 and 3 above, but when you have rubbed the polish out a little, add a drop of water and continue the polishing. Continue until the polish has completely been smeared out and then a little bit more. The picture illustrates the amount of water that is appropriate.

Apply more layer of shoe polish

5.More layers of polish

Wait a couple of minutes and redo the same procedure as many times as you want. The wait between the layers is important, otherwise there's a risk of dissolving the previous work. After about five layers, the shine should be visible.

Polishing shoes with shoe polish in layers like this is only worthwhile doing on the toe part and heel of the shoe. The others parts of the shoes are soft and the shoe polish will crackle.

Even more shoe polish

6.Five layers

The shoes in the picture has five layers of shoe polising. Nothing prevents you from doubling up.

Really good spitshine


The shoes in the picture now has ten layers of polish! The surface is like a mirror!