Shoes before taken care of


To increase the lifetime of a pair of shoes, it's important to always take good care of them. This page contains multiple rules of thumb on how to extend the lives of your shoes.

What's needed when taking care of shoes

1.Use shoe trees

Always insert shoe trees when not wearing the shoes. The shoe trees helps the shoes to keep their shape and reduce the creases.

Shoe trees in cedar wood is preferred since cedar absorbs water well. The scent of cedar wood also repells insects and other pests.

Choose shoe trees that flexes in multiple directions and keeps the entire shoe stretches.

Applying leather conditioner on shoes

2.Dry lying on the side

Using a pair of shoes in rain or snow does not harm them if they are allowed to dry properly. Always use shoe trees when the shoes are drying and let them lie on their side. This both helps the shoes to keep their shape and also gives the sole a chance to dry. Never let shoes dry on a radiator or other heat source.

Brush the shoes

3.Never use shoes multiple days in a row

Leather is a natural product that lasts longer when given a rest between uses. Thus, never use a pair of shoes two days or more in a row. Feet perspire some during the day and this moisture can harm the leather.

Apply the shoe cream on the leather shoes

4.Brush or wipe the shoes after use

Make it a habit to always brush off dust and dirt from the shoes after each wear.

In winter it is recommended to use a damp cloth and wipe to shoes to prevent salt stains.

Buff the shoes with a brush to get shine

5.Use a shoe horn

Always use a shoe horn when putting on shoes. Forcing your feet into a pair of shoes might damage the heel.